Creating a direct link to your iTunes tracks 2016

imageIf you’re having trouble creating a direct link to your music on iTunes, you’re not alone.

I was about to launch the pre-sale campaign for my new CD when I decided to check the links just one more time. Imagine my face when I realized that the links that worked on my desktop computer did NOT work on my mobile devices. 😖

Not wanting to make some lame post like “Order my new album by going to iTunes and searching for my name”, I desperately googled solutions. Luckily, I stumbled across this blog post that got me more than halfway there.

The article was great at explaining how and why Apple was now forcing links to open in the music app instead of the store. And, it gave a detailed description of how to find and use the iTunes link maker to create links. But, there was still a problem. It wouldn’t work for me! Arrrg!!!

To create a link, the link maker asks you to search for “popular content” using their search tool. As a pretty much unknown indie artist, I didn’t come up. I searched for my name, my album, one of my songs and…nothing! Mwap mwap.

But, not to worry, the handy-dandy blog post gave me the tools I needed. Thanks to blog poster Kirk McElhearn for including examples with screenshots of the direct links. All I had to do was substitute my details for Taylor Swift’s and I was good to go!

Here are my links. Simply sub in your album name and ID or your artist name and ID and happy linking!

Link to my album:

Link to my iTunes catalog:

You need to have that question mark after your ID and app=itunes to force open the store app instead of the music app.

How do you find your ID? Simply search for your content on iTunes via your desktop computer’s browser (that’s the only way) and your ID will be in the URL address. I just put “iTunes Laura Marie” into google search to find mine.

Much love,

Laura Marie

P.S. Be sure to share this info with your fellow indie artists. Pay it forward, spread the love!

P. S. S. Pre-order my new CD on iTunes: or the physical CD from my official pre-order page

P.S.S.S.Since my album went into pre-sale, my name is searchable in popular content. I’m famous!!!! 😝

Stars Apart iTunes Pre-Sale!

That’s right! The new CD is on the way!!! Here’s a sneak peak at the artwork. I am super pumped about sharing these songs with you. The musicians are just phenomenal. Their collective credits include Jimmy Kimmel, Augustana, Every Avenue, Josh Abbot Band, Brandon Flowers, Emilio Navaira, opening for the Dixie Chicks and One Direction and New Folk Winner. These guys were and are amazing and they brought my songs to life. Can’t wait for you to hear them!

Pre-order the album now on iTunes or pre-order the physical CD via my website pre-order page . Either way, you’ll get the download on the official release date June 15th. Physical CDs will be delivered yo the post office on that day as well (international deliveries may take a day or two longer).


Podcast #52 – Nobody Say Goodbye

That’s it. It’s over. 52 weeks of writing with a prompt from the Global Songwriters Group. I’ve had some really fun moments, I’ve been inspired by many and I’ve learned a great deal. I love the discipline of writing weekly. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with a word prompt again but I definitely love the group dynamic. I look back at how many of the songs I wrote that I’m not happy with and it’s painfully clear what got in my way. I rebelled against the prompts. I think, if I had let myself be led by them, the flow would have been better. But, nope. There’s something in me that rejects ideas imposed upon me unless I’ve made up my mind to invite them in. You’d think that, since I volunteered to be a part of a prompt driven group, it wouldn’t be an issue but, it is. Sometimes, it’s a gift to be this way. Sometimes, when I let it limit my creative possibilities, it’s annoying, as are many of the songs I wrote this year. Ugh! And I would cringe at the fact that I allowed myself to post them publicly but, WHATEVER! I shared the crazy process and I’m glad I did it. I’m already missing all the music from my fellows in my inbox and Ray’s catchphrase “Song #_ of the Songer Games…may the chords be ever in your favor”.

So, what next? The new year will find me in pre-production for the next recording project. I’ll be collaborating with some of my favorite people and I’m so looking forward to it. In the meantime, I’m happy to announce the release of a collaboration I did with UK composer/singer-songwriter Nick Hinton. We’ve been friends for years and I’m so glad he asked me to sing on his new single. It’s just been released on iTunes. Hope you’ll take a moment to download it.

Download on iTunes:
Download lossless FLAC:

Nobody Say Goodbye

52 weeks
sang a chorus for each
I’ll be finding it hard to refrain
It won’t be the same
Without the songer games

I won’t send my voice
or the ambient noise
or the guitar with all it’s mistakes
no tracks to replace
the worst that have been erased

I’ll sit here in silence for days at a time
Waiting for new inspiration to strike

When will the words come
where will they go
If I write something brilliant
how would you know
Follow my page
Or maybe come see me play

I’ll be the one
With three hours of songs
52 memories
now that the weeks are all gone
A year doesn’t seem too long

So, I’ll sit here in silence
for days at a time
You with your memories,
me with mine

It won’t feel right
Mondays will be too quiet
It won’t feel right
Nobody say goodbye

If a tree in a forest
is given a phrase
and it can’t find a chorus
within seven days is it late
How many would it take

Will I self destruct
with no story to tell
with no melody ringing
no song in me singing
oh, please save me from myself

I can’t sit here in silence
for days at a time
Waiting for February to arrive

It won’t feel right
Mondays will be too quiet
It won’t feel right
Nobody say goodbye
Nobody say goodbye

Podcast #51 – No Secret

Secrets. In my song “Honest” I reference the song “In Code” from my first solo album, Drawn. “In Code” was all about my habit of writing songs when I felt I couldn’t speak openly. Lyrics were my outlet. I could hide my true feelings in metaphors and abstractions and have imaginary confrontations. At the time I wrote “in Code”, I was particularly angry with someone close to me and frustrated with my inability to gain their approval.  I think I even went so far, at least once, to write a song with the first letter of every line spelling out my frustration. I’m finding it difficult to remember which song it was but, anyway, back to “Honest”.

“Honest” was about me finally being able to “speak my truth” having learned that I really can’t live with a lie. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. That doesn’t mean I go around telling everyone every single thing just because I believe it to be true. Sometimes, the truth hurts and can be used to damage people. I wouldn’t want to do that either. No, it has more to do with knowing what is true for me and living in that truth. And, yes, being honest with people is definitely part of that process but not everything I believe is worth imposing on other people, especially if it will cause pain.

So, here comes this song. I had a suspicion that one or two of my songs might be taken out of context by some who really know my music. Everyone is free to interpret songs as they will but I don’t want to misunderstood. I know it’s silly. I’ll be misunderstood anyway. I have no control over that. “No Secret” is about that. On a week that I was given a song assignment and felt I had nothing significant to draw from, I went through the leftovers. And, to be completely contradictory, there actually is a hidden meaning in it, an argument, a long held frustration. One word hint: authenticity. I still have imaginary confrontations in my head.

No Secret

There’s a mess of irregular
pieces inside of my head
Mind like an open book
But not easily read
Paint thrown on a canvas
Among the hoarded and the stranded
And now, these particular parts
Strung on a thread
This is no secret

I have a mountain of
disparate thoughts
And emotions to go through
And I’ll scavenge the odds
and the ends
to find something of value
Some may be sticks and stones
Some might hit painfully close
but not everything in my head
Is always about you

Maybe there’s something you missed
But don’t go reading too much into this
This is no secret
This is no secret

Oh so many presumptions
and interpretations
And always the perfect truth
Lost in translation
The word is the end is near
Here’s to making it painfully clear
‘Cause nothing from nothing’s
still nothing
For your information
This is no secret

O, there’s a true inspiration
Ah, but then, there is vision
And setting the stage
for an act of contrition
At worst, it’s a genuine fake
At best, it’s an honest mistake
But play the part and fair thee well
All is forgiven

Oh, now maybe there’s something
you missed
But don’t go reading too much into this
This is no secret
This is no secret

Podcast #50 -It’s Not Easy

I’m having a bad freaking day! Which is funny because I was having a bad day when I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. But, then it was about everything being so cold and dark outside. Part of it was the change of seasons and the other part was just how vicious the world seemed to be. I think it was the midterm elections plus every news story was something horrific. I felt incredibly vulnerable and didn’t want to even venture out into the world much. And, that’s how I feel again except now everything feels like a personal attack on my senses. I’m not blaming the world here. I know part of it is just me and my hypersensitivity. But, I’m not going to dismiss my own feelings either. It’s a bit much, people. I’m in need of some peace and I’m feeling like it’s about time to hibernate, take a few weeks and get myself in better frame of mind. Hot chocolate and Flight of the Conchords marathon…

Here. Two weeks ago I wanted to share this pic of the sky during our cold snap. The harshness got the better of me and I couldn’t bring myself to post it. I keep trying.

It’s Not Easy

Winter comes again
We go into hiding
Bundle up and shield against the wind
Forget the sun is shining
Tell me that it’s only where we are
Temporary distance from a star
But nothing feels the same
The world turning away
We’re not meant to be so far

It’s a cold wind outside
for my heart open wide
It’s not easy
It’s not easy
It’s not easy
It’s not easy

It doesn’t feel safe
The way the world keeps changing
So many decisions that were made
Some that need re-making
Tell me that the best is yet to come
Tell me every wrong can be undone
I need a ray of hope
Say I’m not alone
I can’t be the only one

It’s a cold wind outside
for my heart open wide
It’s not easy
It’s not easy
It’s not easy
It’s not easy

If all it takes is one who cares
Then, just in case, someone is there
I’m praying
If all it takes is one who cares
Then let me know that you can hear me
I’m praying,
I’m saying…

It’s not easy
It’s not easy
It’s not easy
It’s not easy

Podcast #49 – The Window

I have this concern with escaping convention. I think I’ve always questioned why we do the things we do, why we limit ourselves to certain ways of being and thinking. Of course, I do see the value in having boundaries and limitations. It serves to keep us stable, defined, solid. I know who I am in context. I’m a daughter, wife, mother, woman, songwriter. I know what my role is. Most of the time, anyway. But, deep inside, I know I exist beyond all these definitions. I start to question our social constructs, rules and behaviors: Why does money equal status? Why do we wear make-up? Why does food cost money? Why is war acceptable? Why do we have to dress up to go to an event? How can anyone treat anyone else as personal property?
I mean, I know the answers to these questions. But, I also know that we made them up. We just decided that this is how it should be. I wouldn’t know how to change any of it and some things I wouldn’t change. There are just times when my mind wanders off way beyond the decisions and judgements we make and it’s like a bird escaping a cage. I had no idea I was going to even touch on this subject when I started writing this song and, to be truthful, the song didn’t come close to capturing what I really want to say about it all but, it’s a start.


The Window
This is a moment
This is a chance we take
Promises spoken
These are the bonds we break
Window is open
How could we ever be to blame

Higher and higher
Far and away we go
Aren’t you inspired
Watching the world below
Bird on a wire
Singing a song they’ll never know

Hurry up, the window’s open
Calm and clear the way we’re going
Wander off before they know
We’re flying
We’re flying

Taken for granted
Freedom to break the chains
Modern advances
Oh, but we never change
Confined and captive
Always a phone call away

Hurry up, the window’s open
Calm and clear the way we’re going
Wander off before they know
We’re flying
We’re flying
We’re flying
We’re flying
Hurry up the window’s open

Podcast #48 – Monotone

Ever have one of those weeks where it seems like some portal to the past has opened up and you run into a bunch of people you haven’t seen in ages? A couple of weeks ago it happened to me. It was strange. In most cases it was great. You know, people change but who they are is generally recognizable. Even if you can tell that they’ve been through something or are going through something that may make them a shade darker, they are still the same person you knew and loved. But, then there was one who made me wonder if I ever knew them at all. Maybe my perception was skewed, maybe my perception IS skewed. My memories of them were warm, colorful and full of fondness. The only way I could explain what I felt seeing them after all this time was “void”. I can’t even say it was sad because I don’t know that it is. I don’t know if something happened to them or something happened to me that just sort of negated any connection between us. Maybe it’s temporary. I hope so. I like feeling connected to people.

As to the writing of the song. The prompt was “been around the world”. I split it up. I gave myself some additional parameters before I started. I chose the tempo and rhythm before I even wrote a word. I was also determined to throw my favorite color in (blue). Well, let me be totally honest about that. I told myself I had to use the word “cerulean” in the bridge. I tried. I really did. But, I couldn’t make it sound anything but silly so, I left it out. I definitely think this is a keeper for me. I find myself singing it in my head. Sorry, about the sound quality. The week I recorded this was the week the plague hit our house. A few hours after I recorded this I was in really bad shape. Much better now though. Stay healthy, people!

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Hello, familiar face
Out of your hiding place
It’s about time and space
We meet again

Here comes your memory
Not like it used to be
Alternate reality
Psychedelic beautiful
Kaleidoscopic colorful
But, that was then
Yeah, that was then

Now you’re monotone
And you’re long ago
Like I used to know
But, you fade
You fade

Just like some photograph
Opaque and shadow cast
Some specter from the past
Tragic hero, overblown
Deeper, darker undertones
Remember when
Remember when

Now you’re monotone
And you’re long ago
Like I used to know
But, you fade
You fade

The burning sun you’ve been around
The world that left you all played out
You doused your heart
You shed your skin of
every shade of blue you’ve been

Now you’re monotone
And you’re long ago
Like I used to know
But, you fade
Yeah, You fade
You fade
You fade
Psychedelic beautiful
Kaleidoscopic colorful
Psychedelic beautiful
Kaleidoscopic colorful
You fade, you fade