Not just for Valentine’s Day anymore…

I don’t know how many of you all are feeling it but things are changing. I’m not talking about political change, financial change or the like. Those things are changing…have to change…but it’s more than that. I would say, ‘maybe it’s just me’, but that would be denying my senses. I see too much evidence of it outside of me. Hearts are changing. People are less willing to settle for superficial satisfactions…people are more open to loving others as they are. Yeah, I’ll give you the fact that I want to see it that way but, who the hell wouldn’t?!? It’s beautiful.

I would have never called myself a “Christian”. I was raised Catholic and it wasn’t until recently when someone tried to tell me that Catholics aren’t Christian that I had to stop and think about it. Truth told, I sort of thought that way too. The word ‘Christian’ has a lot of negative connotations in our world and, for that matter, so does the word ‘Catholic’. We’ve all heard the good, the bad and the ugly of it. But, here is what I think, people of all religions are just trying to understand and make sense of life and the things that happen and the death they fear. And, actions, decisions, beliefs based on fear are not loving. They just aren’t. When I’m afraid, I get angry at whatever frightens me. I fight and I push and I’m not the least bit loving because of that fear. I don’t think there is an angry person in the world who is not deeply fearful. Why else would you be angry? Why else would you not rest on that beautiful thing that religion is supposed to be about: faith?

Now, I’m not going to define myself in terms of religion. I can’t because I believe, as I’ve always said, in the validity of all faiths or non-faith (however you define it). Your truth is your truth. And I think it’s great that more and more people are less willing to say that all people should believe what one religion or any religion professes as truth. People are recognizing that it’s ridiculous to insist and impossible to enforce just one belief. And, that’s beautiful because it throws the argument aside and lets us approach each other with less fear, more respect and, yes, love love love. Can you feel that? And if we aren’t fighting about the things that have fueled wars for all time, we can stop fighting about things that divide us in communities, in families, in relationships and in ourselves.

John Lennon said, “Imagine [among other things] no religion”. I don’t take that to mean a life without faith, hope and love. But, think about it, maybe that is a life without war. And while I’m dreaming such a beautiful dream, let me dream that a life with religion can be that way too. Imagine that. It’s what we are all pushing towards anyway. We all want peace. We all want love. We want to believe in it and we want to bask in it.

Happy Valentine’s Day people. Be at peace. You are loved.

– Laura Marie

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5 thoughts on “Not just for Valentine’s Day anymore…

  1. Hi, I came across your blog through a link from mine, and I read this post. I agree with what you are saying about the whole thing about beliefs and how there is no point in dictating to people what they should believe. The thing you miss out is that an inherent element of religion is proselytising and conversion. The whole point about many religions is that their God is the “only” God and all others are irrelevant and do not exist. Although things have changed in recent years especially with regard to the Christian church and their increasing tolerance for other beliefs, they still hold the fundamental belief deep down that all other followers of other religions are going to hell while all christians are going to heaven for worshipping the “true” God. This means that there is a large element of religion that is intolerant, which is a massive area for conflict in the world.

    • Richard, thanks for commenting on that. I wrote it a year ago and months before I became involved with a Christian church. Although, I can’t say that all the people that go to that church would agree with what I said, I can say that they have welcomed me and loved me despite that for which I am truly grateful. Re-reading that blog, I have to say that I still agree with myself. 🙂 Religion is a red herring. Love is all that matters.

      • Oh, and that I’ve learned that I can’t change them anymore than they can change me. But, if we love each other despite that, we’ve achieved something much more precious than conversion.

  2. So are you still involved with a Christian church? I don’t know that they would like you saying religion is a red herring. But you are totally right, I think the world would be a better place if people loved each other as much as they say they love their God. I always try and be as positive towards others as possible and have never understood how quickly people come to hate others, or what the point in hate there is at all.
    That’s the only thing about religion though, when people become deeply religious, they seem to spend much of their time telling everyone else how bad they are.

    • Actually, I say it all the time. Even the pastors of my church agree. They’ve made it a point to make their church less about “religion” and more about acts of service and living and seeking their faith. A direct quote from the website:

      “No one wants to be stereotyped or expected to conform to someone else’s agenda for their lives. We all need space to grow. We all struggle. We all have questions about life and relationships. We wonder what God is doing in the world and specifically in our lives. And we all know inside that we haven’t arrived yet—not one of us has it all figured out. We are all searching to become more; to grow into our true selves; to live more consistently; to make a difference in other people’s lives; to fully become what God intends us to be… Join us as we take the next step in that pursuit.” –

      I swore off of churches, especially those labeled “Christian” because I believed them all to by hypocrites because of past experience and news stories. I didn’t want to be associated even though I did want to know about the life of Christ. I studied other faiths openly but I did not study Christianity because of notions I’d developed against it. But, after a lot of searching I felt like I really wanted and needed to know more. I was lucky (blessed) enough to find people who felt the same way I did. This past Sunday our pastor quoted Ghandi’s “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” to remind us that the most important thing is to live like Christ, who accepted others with unconditional love, and less like some Christians who want everyone else to live like Christ before they can love them. 😉 Beautiful.

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