Things to do…

Things to do when you are waiting: Draw, mull over, make stuff. Think I’ll mull now. Is that how you spell mull? So, I’m in a dentist’s office waiting for a friend to get her wisdom teeth pulled. All of them. Ouch. I’ve been through that before but, it was so long ago I can’t remember any pain. Now, all I’m thinking about is two nights of dreams involving venemous snakes. I don’t hate snakes so, that’s not what is disturbing. It’s not knowing what they mean that is disturbing. And, having only my subconscious to ask so no absolute answer. Theories? Have at it but keep it clean, please. 🙂 I tell you what I’m looking forward to. I have a gig/ Bday party/ art show with Chris Taylor this Friday at Rio Di Vino (all are welcome) and then I get to play with Reza at Fralo’s (Leon Springs) on Saturday and try out some new songs. Oh yeah, here is my ‘drawring’:

One more thing: Things I always wanted and never thought I’d have but do now: A completely honest conversation A room full of people to share my deepest hopes and prayers with A career Copy and paste on the iPhone (why did I doubt you, Apple?) Free things to keep me entertained. A slightly smaller wasteline A good time listening to a country music station (did I always really want that?) 🙂

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