My heart over floweth…

Yeth, I am very thankful ūüėČ

There is so much to say here about all the people who made the new EP possible and for all the people who came out to support it’s release last month. I’m going to be brief. Not awards ceremony brief but, c’mon, there are a lot of people to thank and they all mean so much to me. I could go on and on and on but you’d never read that long. Perhaps you’ve already stopped…don’t¬†

The team players. The people who actually put the music together. I don’t know how I got in a position to work with such talented people. At one point, I looked around the room and said “I’m the least talented person here” and I’m not fishing for compliments, I really meant it and that being in that situation was awesome. I want to be surrounded by people to learn from so, thank you for being you:

Mack Damon, Anthony Diaz De Leon, Joe Cortez IV, Jason Ybarbo, Robert Cherry, Justin Schneider, Jake Owen, Nate Davenport, Wes Harllee and Matt Adler. And thanks to Steve Fallone at Sterling for mastering and Colton Holiday at for the artwork.

I would love to tell you about each of these people and why they are so amazing both personally and professionally. I won’t here but, trust me, amazing.¬†

The muses, producers, collectors and contributors whose very generous contributions enabled me to present Last of the Ones in the best way possible:

Liza and Bella Stevens, Marc and Kathleen Weiss and, Randy Langford, Virginia Valenzuela, George and Marcy Valenzuela, Veronica Wood, Rebecca Rojas and Rachel Marsh. 

Margaret Vasquez, Celia Barrera, Viq and Tom and the Watkins Family, Dew at Dewberry Jam Community Radio and Wild Bill Rowan (Swamp Angel too!) of the same station, Nate Davenport at, Kevin Clougherty at, RB of, SQUIRREL :), Darren Ramirez, Mig Villarreal and special thanks to Steve Circeo at for his support and participation in the CD artwork. 

There is also a long list of people near and far who also pre-purchased the CD in support. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Then, this happened….

The CD release party was amazing. Many of the people listed above were present and my heart was full to see so many friends and family members in one place. I felt like I was having another wedding. My face hurt from smiling. 

The artists who performed in support of the event are all amazing and deserve your attention. 

Chris Taylor -could not have pulled it off without him either. Full on emotional support and running sound. Count yourself blessed if he is among your list of friends.Though, you probably already do

Wes Harllee and Adam Flohmeyer -Um…amazing and they’re just getting started¬†

Wendy Colonna -a beautiful, wonderful force of nature. Attention San Antonio people, she drives down from Austin to play here. Get out and see her!

Jake Owen who performed with me. Jake rocks. Period.


The people OMG! The people who were there. ¬†My family, my friends (since grade-school), my new friends, my biz friends, musician friends, their ‘fans’, FB friends, Myspace followers,Twitter and social media people, …here is a partial list of the businesses/organizations who were represented (I list them this way because, besides being great people, their work in this city should be recognized) and families:

Hollywood Studios,¬†Rockhills Church, Texas Music Coalition, G2E Services, Primadonna Productions, Melissa Ludwig Band, D’Anthony Salon Spa, San Antonio Film People-Dora Pena et al, Tesoro friends, SA GoGirls, SAPodcasters et al, Navarrete Consulting…I know there are more but I’m drawing a blank…

Families: The Valenzuela and Kleffner families, The Harllee family, The Vasquez Family, Chris and Cat’s Rock Group :), my music family (Reza, JP)


And, I can’t forget The VIPs¬†

The night was possible because Pete Kleffner, Margaret Vasquez, Irene Ruiz, Chris Taylor and, yes, Mack Damon made it so. 

Please tell me I didn’t forget anyone!!!

Oh yeah, CDs available here:





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