Some things I learned on my trip to Marfa for SWRFITA

Some things I learned on my trip to Marfa for SWRFITA (SW Regional Folk Alliance 1Day Seminar in Marfa, Texas) :

1) You can make it from San Antonio to Fort Stockton on one tank of gas but, if you don’t top off the tank before you get there, those last 10 miles are the longest you’ll ever drive.

2) Hospitality abounds in West Texas. 

3) Really great pizza exists in the most unassuming places. (learned that in Italy too)

4) Some roads actually do lead to no where

5) The Marfa lights really do exist and, no, you won’t be able to figure it out either

6) The stars at night ARE big and bright…

7) We’re all in this together and the “folks” really get that

8) You’ve got to go your own way but pay attention to the people who cross your path. They are there for a reason. 

9) A good girl talk in the morning can make all the difference

10) Those name brand freeze dried packets of coffee will do in a pinch… believe it or not

Thanks to all the folks who shared their music, their experience, their room and their supplies. ūüôā

If you are a singer-songwriter in Texas, I highly recommend this event for next year as well as the upcoming SWRFA (SW Regional Folk Alliance) in Austin, Texas on the first weekend of October. The deadline is tomorrow, August 10th to submit your music for showcase consideration. Do it. 

Love – LM

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