12 songs inspired by friends and fans

If you haven’t seen our tweets or status messages, Chris Taylor and I are writing songs from friend/fan suggestions for some upcoming duo performances (TBA) and possibly a home recorded CD (or live web broadcast – in office concert). Chris will be taking the lead in writing half and I’ll take the lead on writing the other half but we will most likely collaborate on all.

These are the song topics and the friends/fans who suggested them:

Taken from Chris’ peeps

Jenni Warren: left home to find myself, found home instead

Paul Q-pek and Rodney Boerm: John Mayer Stole My Girl/ You’ve Ruined Me/Any man that wants her should be a better man than I (all worked into one song)

John McJilton: tension between justiec and turning the other cheek

RedBeard Dread Cantu/Kim Possible: There’s Beer in my Tears and Crazy Keeps me Sane

Paul Soupiset: local landmark song

Matt Barker: where do all our lost thoughts go and please can I have them back?


Taken from Laura’s peeps:

Miguel Villerreal/Darrin Newhardt/Nikki Young: true friendship male/female – just friends

Mitchell Connell: If you believe – the power of belief and how it’s used for good and evil with Mitchell as guest guitarist

Rudy Sanchez: That’s what I said but this is what I meant

Carl Charles: Gotta Be A Reason

Ruben Lopez: Haiti

Margaret Vasquez: fix your own damn self



Chris Callanen: Daddy is home (definitely an idea I want to work on but we were hoping to rock out a bit with this project and I think “Daddy is Home” needs something sweeter)


There were so many great ideas! We truly appreciate every single one, even the suggestions we didn’t choose. These were all ideas that we felt like we could run with right away. 


Stay tuned!!! – LM



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