ArtistData changes

Just the facts

There’s a new version of ArtistData and it no longer provides CSV downloads for Reverbnation or Sonicbids. Sonicbids acquired ArtistData and, about the same time, removed CSV upload capability from their site. But, ArtistData can not update your Sonicbids calendar. You have to do it manually on the Sonicbids site. The new version of ArtistData has removed the Sonicbids CSV download (which was useless anyway since Sonicbids removed the capability) along with the Reverbnation CSV download so, now you have to enter the data manually on the Reverbnation calendar as well.

Just the opinion:

Three major players on the indie front and none of them work together? Well, I mean, two of them work together but they don’t work together on the calendar feature. Sadly, this is the feature that sold me on these services in the first place. And, maybe Reverbnation hasn’t played nice-nice. They haven’t been cooperative with ArtistData according to ArtistData. Ok, I’ll buy that. But, removing capability from the service draws a clear dividing line and it’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to compare and choose. I guess that’s what they want. 

I don’t know. ArtistData alone didn’t seem to be about the competition and fighting for position. That’s what made them easy to work with and stay with. In my opinion, anyway. ArtistData+Sonicbids …meh. Though, I’m still hanging in there. ArtistData still posts my upcoming gigs to Twitter with little interruption and I was with them first so…yeah. But, is that enough to keep the relationship going? And, does any service really want artists to ask themselves such questions? Probably not.  

Just so you know:

I’m a paying customer for both Reverbnation and Sonicbids. Someone has to try these things out for ya.  Which do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “ArtistData changes

  1. Hey Laura, thank you you for posting this. I think it sucks when these "so-called" artist friendly companies show their true colors. Artist friendly? Not. But they will gladly take your money. I had a feeling that ArtistData+Sonicbids would be bad for those using ArtistData before the merger. I’m a BIG fan of ReverbNation. They are doing it right in my opinion!

  2. I’ve never cared for ArtistData for a lot of reasons–not the least of which is its inflexibility. SonicBids always held too tight to the info, which is their profit stream, but still, it’s a pain. Although I’m still a paying SonicBids customer, I may drop it next year.On the other hand, ReverbNation is super-usable, love the widgets, easy to share. It isn’t the most gloriously beautiful looking site ever, but it’s biggest strength is those widgets.The main though, is to always have your own website! Social media and music sites come and go, change and decay, but your website is "forever."

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