Hootsuite – Ima like this :)

I don’t know how I missed the boat on this one. I think I was just so obsessed with Twitter apps on Facebook that would work to update Fan Pages then just stop. I was so excited when Smart Twitter came out but just couldn’t keep it working. I kept getting error messages and having to uninstall/reinstall. Meh. 

After a while, I just resorted to using PING.fm when I had to post to my fan page and other networks simultaneously. It works fine but Hootsuite is far better because you get to see the streams, comments, etc. I only wish they had better instructions for adding fan pages to the mobile app. 

Here’s the trick. To add fan pages to the mobile Hootsuite app, go to (or create) your Hootsuite profile on your computers web browser first. You can’t do it on your phone’s web browser because it takes you to the mobile site which isn’t helpful at all. Once you’ve added all the accounts that you want to add (For me, that was two twitter accounts, foursquare, my FB profile and FB fan page), THEN download and install the Hootsuite app on your phone. Once you login to your Hootsuite account on the mobile app, click import and VIOLA! Yay! There it is. 

Perhaps I’m the last person on Earth to figure this out but, I know other people have had problems adding the fan pages (Hootsuite advertises the capability but not the process) so, I hope this well help someone out. If you’re like me and you downloaded the app first, just delete it and start over because there’s no other way to get back to the import/set up page otherwise. 


Happy Updating 🙂

Laura Marie

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