A cup of dirty water

I wouldn’t let my child drink it. “That’s how you get sick.”, I’d say. But, we have clean water. Millions don’t. 

Did you know the world’s water crisis could be solved with a mere 10 billion dollars? Solved. Sound like a lot? Put it into perspective. This year, we Americans are expected to spend 130 billion on Christmas. Think. That’s just the people who celebrate Christmas. Wow. 

I think we can do this. Two ways.


Join Chris Taylor, Laura Marie & Friends for dinner!
A portion of your bill will HELP provide clean H2O to
communities in need. 

That’s right, you don’t have to make a separate donation.
You just have to BE THERE
Free entertainment provided by Chris Taylor and Laura Marie.
Special guests TBA. 


Song written and performed by Chris Taylor. Backing vocals: me


Can’t make it but want to donate? Click Here. Buy the EP


For the last two years, Chris Taylor and I have participated in our church‘s effort to raise money for Advent Conspiracy.org. Advent Conspiracy is a movement that calls on people who celebrate Christmas (churches) to “Spend Less, Give More, Love All” (That’s EVERYBODY. Not just other church people) and in doing so “Worship Fully”, “Love Well” and “Give Wells” through our friends at Living Water International

I’m not a preacher or a pastor. I’m a musician and I have more questions than answers about most everything. But, I know this. Our contributions over the last two years helped to provide clean drinking water to three communities in impoverished nations. Lives were saved. This is a fact. It moves me to tears every time I think about the parents who no longer have to worry that their children will die from drinking the only water available to drink. For me, this is joy at Christmas time. This is Christmas. 3,900 children each day are dying. Each day. The $10 I spend on just about anything could give one of them clean water for life.


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