What the heck happened?

Sometimes things happen and sometimes things happen all at once. The beginning of 2011 has been eventful and I haven’t really been sharing a lot of it because most of it is intensely personal and I needed a chance to get my head and heart in the right place before talking/writing about it. In truth, I’ve been waiting for things to subside but it seems like some things plan on being around a while so, I’m going to have to just get on with gettin’ on. In answer to some of your questions:


I traveled to the midwest to spend time with family for the holidays. My husband is from Nebraska and that is where we spent Christmas and did not return until New Year’s Eve. I usually get back to performing mid-January so, lack of shows does not mean I’m not performing. In fact, I have a show this week 🙂


Laura Marie @ Candlelight Coffeehouse

8pm, 3011 N. St. Mary’s Street – SA, Tx.

More shows will be in announced in February including a trip to Memphis for the Folk Alliance conference with the GoGirls and shows with my friend and fellow songwriter, Vanessa Lively, along the way. 

Tah-dah!!! The only change in my regular performance schedule is that I’ll only be performing at Candlelight once a month as opposed to twice and it will be on the second Wed. of the month. This means I’ll be booking more weekend shows and likely spending more time performing outside of San Antonio. This also accommodates a new teaching schedule as I’ve accepted a position teaching voice and guitar for performance at Bulverde Academy of Music. Wow. That’s a big one for me but I love that my students are interested in doing the same thing I do. It’s actually thrilling to mentor someone in this way. 

Also, you may have noticed that I’ve announced a songwriting clinic with Chris Taylor at the Musicology LLC. I’m very excited about this and we may be doing more of them so be on the lookout. I love working with Chris and I love working with my friend Julian Escobedo who is both owner and bass instructor. We’ve known each other since kinder and he’s accomplished a lot since then. Check out his bio. 🙂

Teaching is not something I planned on doing again but these were both opportunities that not only worked with my performance schedule, they offered me an experience to grow in areas that I’ve been wanting to develop. Yay, me! 


On a personal note. Pete and I lost members on each side of our family over the last month. We each lost an uncle and our concerns have been for our family members.This has been another reason I’ve been kind of out of touch and I think it’s self explanatory. I wrote a song for one of the memorial services and will be posting it to my mailing list this week. If you are not signed up, you can do so by hitting the link below and will also receive a free download of Love You Like Me.

Some friends and followers already know that I was ill for a while and that the symptoms have been attributed to an “autoimmune disorder”. My diet has changed quite drastically. Again. I have now been gluten free for about 3 months and have seen a huge decrease in symptoms which is great. I am no longer vegetarian but, being a vegetarian DID NOT make me ill.  I was on a path to discover how I could help my body through diet. It turns out that meat wasn’t a huge factor and, now that I know protein deficiency did not play a role, I’m giving my body time to adjust and heal before making any further changes. 

Lastly, this is a call for your love and support. For the last month I’ve had a significant loss of hearing in my right ear accompanied by a loud ringing. This is not due to loud music and it’s also been confirmed that it is not due to fluid in my ear. It’s a nerve thing. The cause is unknown at this point and, really, the only thing I care about is that it gets resolved and that my hearing returns. 

The doc says, “30% completely recover, 30% partially recover and 30% don’t recover at all. ” Thems the odds. So, I ask for your good energy, prayers, vibes, meditations. Whatever ya got! Send them my way. The next month or so, according to at least one doc, will be telling and I’m shooting for “full recovery”. 🙂


click here

Much love, Laura Marie


Stay tuned for commentaries on violence, body image and such and so forth…









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