Merch Sales Squared! (Cha-ching)

As mentioned in the previous blog “For the Indie Do-It-Yourself-er”, ladies and gentlebands, SQUARE!

Square is a FREE app with a FREE card reader that allows you to accept credit card payments from your Apple IOS or Google Android device. Oh, yeah it does. 

I downloaded this app when I first read about it a few months back but, I never activated it because I was slightly suspicious of it. It wasn’t until  Claude “Butch” Morgan stopped by my table at one of his events and said “Laura, you need to get one of these.” that I decided to take a closer look. This thing is awesome. No charge for the app. No cost to sign up. No charge for the card reader. No recurring charges. You only pay a fee per transaction. If you have the card in hand and can swipe it it’s 2.75% +15 cents. If you have to enter the credit card number in manually, it’s 3.5% +15 cents. You can then text or email your customer their receipt right then and there. If you are worried about security, read this

Why accept credit cards at your shows? You will absolutely increase merch sales if you do. A lot of people don’t like to carry a lot of cash when they go out and, when they have it, they are spending it on food and drink. It’s all about making it “stupid easy” for the customer to buy. This’ll do it for you. Sign up is really easy. All you have to do is give the pertinent info and verify your bank information and the money gets deposited into your account in a flash. 

Now all you have to do is be sure your device is charged before the show. 🙂



 -Laura Marie

P.S. Even Bob Lefsetz is blogging about it. If you don’t know who Bob Lefsetz is, subscribe to his blog to get a brutally honest take on the music industry. Sometimes the truth hurts but it can also set you free. So, fly my little broken birdies, FLY!

P.S.S Nerd Alert is a dot com!!!! As in: and, follow the blog on Twitter:   Follow nerdalert4 on Twitter


3 thoughts on “Merch Sales Squared! (Cha-ching)

  1. Awesome! Not that i haven’t heard of Square, I just like what you’ve got going on. Very cool that Nerd Alert 4 Musicians has its own dot com. :)Thanks for all you do for the independent music community! m/

  2. Just a note that VeriFone tried to discredit them and drive sales to their own product by saying the Square card reader could be used to skim credit card numbers. They tried to prove their point by releasing a skimming app to the public. Really, really intelligent thing to do… :-/Anyway, you’d have to 1) create a program to do it and 2) have the intention to skim credit card numbers. But, 1) most people don’t give their credit cards to complete strangers (a receipt is sent directly to your customer so, they have proof of purchase) and 2) It’s as safe as most retail outlets where said skimming could just as easily take place. VeriFone? Pshhhhhh…..

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