Building a Fan Base: You’re Doing it Wrong



Not to be harsh but, really, this will not net you results. What will? Build real relationships with other musicians you admire. Play gigs with them if your compatible, comparable and on or near the same level in your careers. Or, share ideas. At the very least, get to know them first. Other musicians don’t exist to promote you. Of course, we all appreciate it if you are a musician who likes our music and shares it with your fans. I share the music of musicians I like with my fans because I like them and not because I owe them one for liking my page. That’s not what a fan is. And, trust me, you don’t want fans who are only “fanning” you out of obligation. You want fans who truly admire your work. 

So, go ahead. Introduce yourself. Even invite musicians to listen to your work or tell them about your projects. That’s awesome. But, the above…is just silly. 

One thought on “Building a Fan Base: You’re Doing it Wrong

  1. I just want to add a comment about this whole "like" thing with bands and Facebook. Back in the MySpace days there was something called being a "friend whore", someone who just makes friends to get their numbers up to make them look popular. This has now translated to Facebook with bands and ‘likes’. Being a musician, I am a fan of tons of local bands that I’ve worked with. But, it makes my skin crawl when they post stuff like "Hey guys, we’re almost up to 500 likes! Tell your friends to ‘like’ us and you’ll get a free sticker!" At that point it no longer about the music, and actually liking the music.And just a bitter side note. It irks me even more when a band does this, has tons of likes, yet can’t even bring five people out to their show.

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