The only sane response (blog)

photoHear me out. Love doesn’t seem like the answer right now, I know. I’m outraged. I’m disgusted. I’m sad but, mostly, I’m angry. This is always my reaction to sudden emotional or physical pain. I have a temper and when something strikes me painfully, my first urge is to seek and destroy that which has caused me pain. Call it survival mode. It’s on. And, I can justify it all day long. People would understand, sympathize and even encourage it because they are angry too.

But, it’s insanity. Temporary insanity because we know from experience that, when it’s over, we’ll find that retaliation will not cure the world and anger serves only itself.

Here we are together in this world where, somewhere, children are being taught to fight in wars, women are being raped, people are threatened with nuclear annihilation and another bomb goes off…and another…for no valid f*cking reason because there could never possibly be one. And, our hearts are broken again. Sudden pain. I’m in survival mode again.

I come from a family of runners. We love to run. We enjoy training together, sharing the experiences and encouraging one another. I’ve run two marathons and several halfs and plan to continue. Runners are awesome people (if I do say so myself) who challenge themselves to reach beyond their pain, to do better than they did last time around, to improve continuously. I can’t imagine a heart so devoid of compassion, with such lasting hatred, that would plot to kill people at a race at the moment of accomplishment over their own struggles. I can’t imagine it anywhere… in any circumstance.  That’s an insanity I can not speak to.

What I can speak to is my response in the face of that insanity. My hope is that justice be served and healing come quickly but that my only action in response will be to LOVE MORE and to do it like a runner; better than I did before, challenging myself to reach beyond the pain and care for, forgive, help, encourage, smile, hug, hold dear, make amends, show gratitude, serve, smile, have compassion and improving continuously.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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