Podcast #16 – First Kiss

The next couple of weeks are going to be kind of romantic. Couldn’t help myself. The prompt was “sinking like stones” and, originally I intended to focus on skipping stones and never getting them across to the other side. I still think that’s kind of a good idea but, my love distracted me. 🙂 The longer you’re together and the deeper you go, you uncover such old wounds. It can be a painful process but the reward of healing those deep rooted injuries is so incredible. And things feel new again. Yeah. So, this is kind of raw and bare and art song-ish. Takes me back to school days. One take on the vocal. It’s all I had time for.  Trying to keep up with my assignments amidst a lot of good things going on.

Also, once again, do my a huge favor and vote for me in the Independent Music Awards. I would most certainly appreciate it. It is an honor to be nominated by such an impressive list of judges. “Hard Rain” to be in the running: bit.ly/lauramarie

Song Link: http://lauramariemusic.com/words/blog/podcast-16-first-kiss
First kiss

I’ve opened up my eyes. I hope you’ve noticed.
I’m wearing no disguise. I hope you know this.
I haven’t been so true, so right, so bare in all my life
I haven’t felt this ache so small, it’s barely there at all

I’m folding in your hands, soft and singing
My heart in your command and it’s the best thing
I haven’t heard such words so clear. These calm my raging fear.
I haven’t tasted lips as sweet. These render me complete.

We only skip so far across the water
Then, sinking like stones in perfect order
In time, in haste, in constant changing
Light fades, love makes

I haven’t been a fool, have I? It happens all the time
I haven’t been a fool like this since you and I
I haven’t been a fool, have I? It happens all the time
I haven’t been a fool like this since you and I
Since you and I, Since you and I first kissed

©LauraMarieMusic 2014

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