Podcast #52 – Nobody Say Goodbye

That’s it. It’s over. 52 weeks of writing with a prompt from the Global Songwriters Group. I’ve had some really fun moments, I’ve been inspired by many and I’ve learned a great deal. I love the discipline of writing weekly. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with a word prompt again but I definitely love the group dynamic. I look back at how many of the songs I wrote that I’m not happy with and it’s painfully clear what got in my way. I rebelled against the prompts. I think, if I had let myself be led by them, the flow would have been better. But, nope. There’s something in me that rejects ideas imposed upon me unless I’ve made up my mind to invite them in. You’d think that, since I volunteered to be a part of a prompt driven group, it wouldn’t be an issue but, it is. Sometimes, it’s a gift to be this way. Sometimes, when I let it limit my creative possibilities, it’s annoying, as are many of the songs I wrote this year. Ugh! And I would cringe at the fact that I allowed myself to post them publicly but, WHATEVER! I shared the crazy process and I’m glad I did it. I’m already missing all the music from my fellows in my inbox and Ray’s catchphrase “Song #_ of the Songer Games…may the chords be ever in your favor”.

So, what next? The new year will find me in pre-production for the next recording project. I’ll be collaborating with some of my favorite people and I’m so looking forward to it. In the meantime, I’m happy to announce the release of a collaboration I did with UK composer/singer-songwriter Nick Hinton. We’ve been friends for years and I’m so glad he asked me to sing on his new single. It’s just been released on iTunes. Hope you’ll take a moment to download it.

Download on iTunes: bit.ly/nickandlala
Download lossless FLAC: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nickhinton19

Nobody Say Goodbye

download: http://lauramariemusic.com/words/blog/podcast-52-nobody-say-goodbye
52 weeks
sang a chorus for each
I’ll be finding it hard to refrain
It won’t be the same
Without the songer games

I won’t send my voice
or the ambient noise
or the guitar with all it’s mistakes
no tracks to replace
the worst that have been erased

I’ll sit here in silence for days at a time
Waiting for new inspiration to strike

When will the words come
where will they go
If I write something brilliant
how would you know
Follow my page
Or maybe come see me play

I’ll be the one
With three hours of songs
52 memories
now that the weeks are all gone
A year doesn’t seem too long

So, I’ll sit here in silence
for days at a time
You with your memories,
me with mine

It won’t feel right
Mondays will be too quiet
It won’t feel right
Nobody say goodbye

If a tree in a forest
is given a phrase
and it can’t find a chorus
within seven days is it late
How many would it take

Will I self destruct
with no story to tell
with no melody ringing
no song in me singing
oh, please save me from myself

I can’t sit here in silence
for days at a time
Waiting for February to arrive

It won’t feel right
Mondays will be too quiet
It won’t feel right
Nobody say goodbye
Nobody say goodbye

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